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Kick On Cleanly This Holiday Season with Sneaker LAB

The holidays are almost here and while plenty of feet will be put up, that doesn’t mean your sneakers will be catching a break. Thanks to the complete cleaning and care solutions concocted by ,Sneaker LAB, you and your friends and family will be able to kick on throughout the silly season with spotless shoes! Complex in formulation but super simple in use, the range is also ecologically developed to achieve Green Tag certification in a bid to achieve both cleaner shoes and environment. Let’s put Sneaker LAB under the microscope and observe their products that are ‘Better For Your Sneakers and Better For Your Earth’.

Sneaker Wipes

In today’s fast-paced world, it can sometimes be hard to find the time to clean shoes. Sneaker LAB have devised a method to get shoes spotless in seconds by concentrating their Sneaker Wipes with the same solution used in the brand’s Sneaker Cleaner. Designed to instantaneously remove any wayward grime on all materials and surfaces – including suede and nubuck – just a quick buff will imbue treated sneakers with a biodegradable formula that keeps working on grime up to three days following application!

Premium Kit

With inevitable periods of downtime during the holidays, set aside some quiet moments for the therapeutic process that is deep cleaning sneakers using the Sneaker LAB Premium Kit. Akin to ASMR for sneakerheads, using each item in the kit will tantalise a different sensation. Applying the Sneaker Cleaner using the Premium Brush is a crisp auditory delight that is best heard IRL. After that, a spritz of Odor Protector will only arouse aromatic whiffs, and, finally, a finishing dash of Sneaker Protector is a safeguard against dirty looks and hands. Consciences will also be cleaner with reusable and recyclable packaging.

Basic Kit

Containing the same Sneaker Cleaner and Premium Brush as the Premium Kit, the Sneaker LAB Basic Kit is all that’s needed to ensure pairs stay presentable. This essential pairing acts quickly to shift filth off feet that even the toughest scuffs can’t contend with. A little bit of Sneaker Cleaner and elbow grease, the bristles of the Premium Brush will scrub out even the deepest crevices – all while leaving no marks behind. And because the solution contains no propellants and the packaging is recyclable, that’s one less item hitting landfill.

Leather Wipes

Shoes have been made from leather for thousands of years, because the stuff simply works. Taking care of it is just as easy with Sneaker LAB’s Leather Wipes. Similarly to the Sneaker Wipes, these handy sheets contain a special formula that, once rubbed onto leather shoes, forms a UV- and dirt-resistant coating. While best used on box-fresh sneakers before their big debut, the Leather Wipes also are great at breathing life into a newly cleaned pair of shoes.

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