Sneaker Freaker Montana Cans Infrared Thumb
Sneaker Freaker Montana Cans Infrared

Sneaker Freaker X Montana Cans Infrared Colab

From fat-laced Clydes in the 70s to Air Max in the 80s and ZXs in the 90s, the bond between graffiti writers  and sneakers is undeniable.When Germany’s premium spray-can commandos Montana Cans contacted us recently with an idea to join forces, we didn’t need to think twice. We laced our TNs tight, chopped a hole in the fence and jumped headfirst into Montana’s colour books. The variety is truly eye boggling, but it didn’t take us long to settle on the classic InfraRed (or Radiant Red to OG Nike heads) as our fluorescent weapon of choice. Wrapping the can head-to-toe with Sneaker Freaker logos, the matte finish on Montana’s cans is certifiably slick, while the red nozzle literally caps off the project. Stay tuned to for distro details and availability. Thanks to Alex and Nico @ Montana for being legends. Keep your laces loose and your caps fat!

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