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Sneaker Freaker X 43 Einhalb Granny Smith Chocolate

And you thought we'd fallen off when we dropped that sandwich colab, well... UOENO. Our German outpost was tapped up by sneaker retailer königs, 43einhalb, to do something a bit zany for a colab, and SF HQ was more than happy to start squeezing out the creative juices. That's a pun, a dope one, because it was the extract of a particular Australian apple that our Deutscher friends were keen on translating into a fresh product.

There are apparently quite a few Germans enamoured by our sometimes-sweet-most-times-tart Granny Smith apples; a food affection that would be deeply perplexing to many Australians. Modern Germans get a lot of things right, though, so we let them get to work with a local chocolate maker to craft this truly unique apple-infused block of love. Pouring the juice of a glass and a half of Australian grown cold-pressed organic gluten free apple juice into every bar, the white chocolate base takes on a wholesome green hue. We swear you've never tasted anything like this, it'll fool you it's a health food so you don't stop gorging on it, but it won't fool your pancreas. Super smooth on the tongue already, the blocks get bonus mouth feel points for the popping rocks that'll keep the delectable tastes re-spawning for minutes after you swallow. Pause. We are in love with this coco!

We'll be giving away a bunch of these soon, so stay tuned to Sneaker Freaker to find out how to win.

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