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Sneaker Consignment Shop Allegedly Sells Fake Yeezys 2
Sneaker Consignment Shop Allegedly Sells Fake Yeezys
Sneaker Consignment Shop Allegedly Sells Fake Yeezys 1

Sneaker Consignment Shop Allegedly Sells Fake Yeezys

UPDATE: There’s always at least two sides to a story, especially if there’s cash at stake. We picked up the story yesterday about the Reddit-storm that began brewing over the legitimacy of a pair of Yeezy Boost 350 ‘Turtle Doves’ purchased from a sneaker consignment store, Kolobrlind. To condense a long story, Redditor 'intensetrash26' claimed he’d purchased a fake pair of the hyped sneakers and then was denied a refund by the store. An angry storm cloud of vigilante sneakerheads drifted from Reddit and began an online downpour of hate on the store’s social media accounts.

Kolorblind have now responded to the allegations and, as you’d imagine, their account differs greatly. The store claims that the shoes were purchased way back on September 11 and that 38 days later, inensetrash26 called the store aggrieved about the authenticity of his Turtle Doves.  Kolorblind invited the buyer to the store to assess the goods, as recounted to Sneaker News:

‘When he arrived at the store today, he presented the shoes and I knew then, something else was going on. The shoes have been worn numerous times and appeared to have some substance dropped on them that he ineffectively tried to clean ruining the uppers of the shoes. As the Store Manager for the last 2+ years and an avid sneaker enthusiast for the past 14+ years, this was not the same shoe we sold him 38 Days earlier.

Our first goal as a business is customer satisfaction. In this impossible situation, we decided to offer a store credit of $1,000 and just eat the loss, for which they declined. After we declined to refund at that point, they started to get upset. We get it though, everyone is looking for a come up at someone else’s expense, we just decided not to lay down this time and take it. This bait and switch routine happens all the time and as the business, we never get a fair shake. We are here for the people, to help them get done what they don’t have time for, nothing more.’

The two parties have reached a stalemate of sorts, but one thing is pretty certain – it's doubtful the Yeezys are legit. Regardless of the outcome, you’d have to assume the story has been damaging for the vendor and for the reseller market as a whole (although many sneakerheads would find it hard to find any sympathy for the sector). It’s also worth noting though that the shop deleted a photo they had posted of the customer on Instagram while blocking him.,

Yeezygate continues.

Do you know how to spot a fake? Earlier this week, Reddit was set alight by a dispute regarding the legitimacy of a pair of the Yeezy Boost 350 ‘Turtle Doves’. Redditor ‘intensetrash26’ jumped online and alleged that the pair he’d purchased from a San Diego sneaker consignment store were actually fake. After spending the princely sum of $1,700 on the supposed counterfeits, ‘intensetrash26’ tried to get the vendor to refund without success. It’s believe that, although they have seen purchaser’s receipt, the store is unwilling to accept that the original product was not switched for a fake after the initial transaction. And now the alleged store is getting roasted by a hefty vigilante sneaker squad.

It’s a fairly dicey situation and extremely hard to make a call – especially from an outsider’s perspective – in regards to the legitimacy of the claims, but it looks like someone got burnt. It comes as a warning to be cautious when you’re buying through the reseller market, even when the source is reputable. There’s a flood of fakes, Yeezys especially, and it’s essential you know what you’re looking for before you hand over fat stacks of cash. If you buy a pair of Nike Mags on eBay for only a couple of hundred – there’s probably no helping you.


– Originally published on October 25, 2016

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