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Sneaker Charity For Haiti

Luxembourg sneaker head Alain Magloire is selling off his entire collection for charity to raise money for his family and relatives in Haiti. As Alian states 'On the 18th of February, I’m selling my full collection of basketball sneakers including Jordan (version I to XIX – originals & retros), Nike (Pippen – Penny), adidas (all the Kobe exemplars), Converse (Larry Johnson) and more. All pairs are deadstock and 100% originals. These shoes will be sold for a charity reason: the collected funds will be used for helping my relatives & my family in Haiti.' So if you're down for helping this amazing cause or just after a fresh pair of kicks, hit up the Facebook Event for more details or hit up Alain directly here.

The decision to sell my collection was taken after i visited my fam last year in Febuary just after the earthquake. i was trying to find how I can  help my fam and the people there, you know asking people here to give money - that's excactlly what the red cross do, or any other charity group do. So i thought what if i give them something that they like, and at the same time they are helping some people? it's was really HARD but here they are... my SNEAKERS collection:(

Playing basket-ball when i was a teen i felt in love with the Jordan 5, but couldn't get them at the time, to expensive!!! So i promised myself that i would get them all. So the next summer i started a summer job to put money aside to buy my Jordan. Since than, i never stopped for over 16 years.

Let's say I know the value of these shoes. I would be mad to expect people to pay the right prices. i'll ask a bit more than you would pay in shop for a pair of Jordan retros... except that you get the original one deadstock.

All the money is going to a bank account, then when I go back to Haiti my lawyer will make sure that the money will be sent to the right people. I'll be there to make sure that the refugee camp receives the money, and that they are buying food and med with it. The other part will be use to pay for my niece and nephew's scholarships.

What shoe do I dread parting with? it's definitely the JORDAN 5 off course and the FLIGHTPOSITE ONE from PENNY!

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