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03 Jun 2008

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Sneakart 11

Ever wished you had enough balls to put a paint brush to your shoe without fudging it up, or if you did, you could just start again? The folks at Sneakart have taken the fear out of customising and turned it into a rad new way of switching up your kicks. Sneakart aims to make customization fun and as easy as possible using the latest in cutting edge design. Below are some examples that Sneakart sent us over, to give you an idea of just how you can take a bland white on white canvas, and floss it with a variety of colours, shapes and themes.

We let the guys at Sneakart explain where this simple idea came from, “Ok, so stickers on shoes isn’t rocket science but to actually make something that works and is practical is the real trick. For years, we racked our brains and searched the globe for simple and effective ways to customize sneakers. We tried and tested everything from totally different applications, various plastic films, adhesives, sprays, paints, inks, printers, you name it until we came up with the Sneakart method, and Sneakskin. Sneakskin is 100% PVC free and printed with non-toxic ink in the UK.”

We were fortunate enough to get our own custom sent to us via the good kids at Sneakart (featured above), and we have to admit, the idea is actually really dope. Anyone can have a go, and the best part is, if you get sick of your design, you just go online, buy some more sheets and redo your shoe, time and time again! We copped a massive folder of prints, pictures, lettering and blanks, so no doubt Sneakart is going to keep us occupied until Issue 13 drops.

Visit their site and you can purchase enough skins to make your own “What The Dunk”. With hundreds of different designs from camo, to crackle, safari to snakeskin you can also keep it simple, with your choice from a rainbow palette of colours. Easily applied, watch the video above to get an idea of just how easy Sneakart is to apply. Not since tinting our car windows with contact have we had so much fun!

03 Jun 2008

Industry News

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