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08 Nov 2006

Industry News

Sneakafiendz - Cryogenic Labs


I was gonna re-edit the press release that they sent us, but I think its good enough as it is and should explain every detail of what, where and when.

There will be a launch sometime early next year and the kids at Cryogeni Labs have already invited a stellar linup of artists including such names as Shin Tanaka, Dave White and Akira Wakui to name a few. They are also seeking a handfull of customizers from the general public to be involved. Details of inquiry are at the bottom of this page.

Check out below for the official media release...

Sneakahood is a new urban brand of toys by designer Kay of Cryogenic Labz, who is also responsible for the Emoteeglobes. Unlike the fuzzy cute critters, Sneakahood stems from a darker part of his psyche, which is a world influenced by the street, skateboarding, breakbeats and lurking demons.

The Sneakahood brand will encompass several sub-brands that feature different characters decked out in Sneakaz, which are planned to be interchangeable with one another. Accessory Sneakaz and blank Sneakaz may be later offered for sale separately to allow collectors to change the kicks on their Sneakatoys. The Sneakaz can also be collected separately for people who enjoy collecting miniature kicks.

The first sub-brand under Sneakahood are the Sneakafiendz , fiendish creatures with an urban influence decked out in Sneakaz. And the first Sneakafiend is Azazel, a goat-demon lord who likes comfortable kicks to prevent his hooves from getting damaged.

The first prototype of Azazel has just been completed, but he is set to undergo several more changes like a change in horns, beefier leg joints, refined print positioning, improved joint quality and overall improvement in paint and finish. Production numbers are set to be 500 pieces in a blind box as there are 50 pieces among them that are a secret version, of which a sneak peek can be seen in the banner above. An additional 50 blank figures are being produced, but are only available to participating artists.

Azazel will visit our planet sometime next year with a show "The Devil wears Sneakaz", and a stellar line-up of designers is being arranged to provide him a new wardrobe. Cryogenic Labz is also looking for customizers from the public who wish to be a part of the show. Check the details on the site.

Interested parties may also drop a short email to [email protected] to join the mailing list and receive first-hand information on product updates. Discounts, benefits or any pre-orders will reach members of the mailing list first.

08 Nov 2006

Industry News

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