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Li-Ning’s A/W 2020 Footwear Collection
Li-Ning’s A/W 2020 Footwear Collection
Li-Ning’s A/W 2020 Footwear Collection
,Li-Ning’s A/W 2020 Footwear Collection

Preview: Li-Ning’s A/W 2020 Footwear Collection

Celebrating their 30th anniversary, Li-Ning have revealed their Autumn/Winter 2020 collection, which includes four new footwear pieces: a Furious Rider Ace 1.5, Titan, and two colourways of the Furious Rider Ace Element.

The collection is entitled ‘Future Vintage, Sport Formal’, highlighting the label’s storied past with a decidedly modernist vision of the future. No doubt championing that theme, the silhouettes all make use of innovative fabrication and production.


The Furious Rider Ace 1.5 arrives in a black, donning a curvaceous shape, designed to reference the sculptural contours of a horse. Inspired by transparent, equine anatomy model kits, the ‘bubble’ inserts add a futuristic vibe. Meanwhile, the Titan wears the same hue, but packs more of an outdoor-inspired aesthetic.

Two Furious Rider Ace Elements round things out, coming in Ivory/Beige/Purple and Beige/Black/Brick. The key elements of these pairs are the ‘transparency, texture, shine and finish’, inspired by automotive and toy design.

Li-Ning’s A/W 2020 collection is set release very soon. Stay tuned for release details.

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