Skechers Vs Adidas
Skechers Vs Adidas
Skechers Vs Adidas

Skechers Sues adidas Over NCAA Pay Scandal

As if things weren't already looking bad enough for the Three Stripes, Skechers have taken adidas to court over the NCAA pay scandal citing claims of false advertising and unfair competition.

According to the lawsuit, Skechers claim that adidas' illegal payments to amateur basketball players and their families 'effectively blocked Skechers and other companies from competing on a level playing field for young, NBA-level endorsers, and unfairly bolstered consumer perception of adidas' overall brand quality and image well beyond the basketball footwear market.'

In turn, Skechers are seeking recovery of 'ill-gotten profits, damages for lost sales and diminished brand value and increased advertising and marketing costs, and an injunction preventing adidas from making further illegal, undisclosed endorsement payments to amateur basketball players.'

adidas have dismissed the case as 'frivolous and nonsensical'.


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