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Six Kicks With G-Eazy

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G-Eazy's slow but certain come-up commenced ten years ago, when he started producing and rapping in the Californian Bay Area petri dish that spawned Lil B the Based Gawd and the hyphy movement. His ascent came to a crescendo last year when his third studio album, These Things Happen, debuted at number three on the Billboard 200. Out of the booth, he has established himself as a bastion of experimental sartorial style, fusing golden era Americana sartorial style with modern streetwear. This often results in alphets consisting of black leather jackets up top and OG Jordans downstairs. Fresh off a cop of the Yeezy 750 BOOST, we had a chat with the man about his love of Jordans, and why neither his stunting shoe nor holy grail have a Jumpman logo.

What was the first sneaker you bought yourself?

The 14s were the first Jordan I ever got, the first pair of Jordans I ever owned as a kid, like, I got them for Christmas. I remember My parents never got me Jordans and that was the only pair they ever bought me. I was so excited, all the cool kids had Jordans but I could never afford them and this was the first time I ever had a pair. I remember by the time I got them for Christmas, that colourway had already been out a couple of months, so I here I was coming back to school – first day since Christmas, super excited – and all the kids were teasing me like, 'Naaah you're late,' and I hated it. I'd never loved a pair of sneakers like that. And the 15s I saved up and bought them with my own money.

What made the 15s special to you?
Well I mean its like anything else, once you're hooked on the culture and the hype, it's tough to let go.

I can relate, I still have an affinity for skate shoes I had as a kid

Ahh yeah. Skechers were fucking hype man. Nah, Skayt... Shoes.
Oh, all right. Ian Conner is making Sketchers cool but only ironically.

Who's Ian Connor?
He's like a stylist, taste maker, influencer...but it's like a high, high, high irony juxtaposition

Norm-core Irony?
It's totally normcore irony.

Back to the 15s, did you hold on to them?
Nah man I was like 12 years old

It might be obvious by now, but what is your go-to sneaker brand?

I've seen you in Breds?
Yeah I have a pair of the Banned 1s with crosses on the heels and premium leather.

Where'd you cop them?
I got them at Flight Club, yeah I paid the tax (laughs). But I always wanted them and when they came out I never got to snag a pair, a bunch of my friends did and I had always wanted them so as soon as I had the cash I went down to Flight Club and cashed out.

Which store?
In LA. We were staying in LA recording the album and I think I had recently signed my deal and had money for the first time. Because it's different, you know, as a regular consumer it's like, you know a lot of the rare Jordans or Yeezys are out of anyone's price range – you can't afford those gems. And that was the first time I moved out of [being a regular consumer], or at least I thought I had, like I had money for the first time. I was like, you know what, I can afford my first pair of Breds ever and I'm gonna go get them.

How about beaters, do you have any?

What condition are the Breds in now?
They're pretty whooped (laughs), but they've got character. I've been around the world in those, they're like my go-to tour shoes, I bring them on every tour. They've been on a bunch of stages in a bunch of states in a bunch of countries.

Is it circumstantial that they're your beater? Say, is it because your other shoes are much better now?
No, I love them sooo much. They're the perfect pair of shoes; they're the most classic colourway, the most classic silhouette, the most classic Jordan design of all time. I mean, in my opinion. It gets no better than the Bred Jordan 1, you know what I mean? The Royals are close. (lifts up toe) If I'm not bringing my Bred 1s, I'll bring these. They're a close second.

What is your show-stopper shoe?

They are very nice shoes. How about the ladies, what type of shoe do you like to see girls in?

You don't think they're played out already?
Yeah, like if a girl can pull off an interesting solid colourway, like a red or a blue, it just pops with an all black outfit. I think Jordan 6s look good on girls, like a pair of Black Infrared sixes.

What is your holy grail shoe? What shoe has been unattainable for you so far?

So you're not still romantic about them fifteens?
Nahh (laughs). In retrospect, there are definitely better looking pairs of Jordans that have been released. It was just, you know, that was it then. And that was when new Jordan models were still coming out, he'd just retired recently and Jordans were still coming out with new silhouettes that were not whatever the fuck they're making today.

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