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Sc Weekend Flyer Back 646 1
Sc Weekend Flyer Back 646 1

Simply Crooks

The Fat Kids are back like '88 combining their two party nights into a weekend full of craziness! Starting off with the newly-opened Twilight Crooks banger, the Fat Kids give you more bounce for your ounce with art work displays by Ben Brow, Supra showings and giveaways, plus only the finest beats provided by the fattest DJs in the game (B. Two, MuGen, Ms Butt, 25th Hoodlum and M.A.F.I.A.).

But don't be thinking you'll be getting any sleep Friday night - you'll be heading straight back to the club and going live for Simply Bread 5. One of Melbourne's most successful club nights, SB5 continues on with a bounty of giveaways, sneaker battles, freshest t-shirt comps, plus all the mayhem you've come to expect from the pot bellied porkers! Hook yourself up with a cheap weekend pass at [email protected] or cop your tickets on the door, either way it's time to limber up for the Simply Crooks weekend!

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