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Was It The Shoes? World's Worst Sports Slips

Thumb Steven Gerrard Worst Sports Falls
Steven Gerrard Worst Sports Falls

Did you see it? The moment when millions of little red Liverpool hearts broke in two across the world? Steven Gerrard, Liverpool's greatest servant has spent the last 25 years of his life at the club, after joining the youth program as a seven-year-old and has won every trophy that remotely matters except the one that matters the most – the league title. And until yesterday's game against Chelsea they were in pole position to finally claim that one too. But some seriously bad juju conspired against Stevie G, and he slipped on the grass in the first half, gifting the ball to Chelsea striker Demba Ba to run through and score. Liverpool now have to hope Manchester City lose or draw one of their remaining games, or else Liverpool have pretty much no chance of winning the title. Devastating stuff. We just want the dude to know he's not alone, so here we compile a few of our favourite sports slip-ups. Is it flimsy footwear, or just bad luck – you be the judge...

Well, we've gotta start by showing you what we're on about. Here's Gerrard riding down the slip n' slide.

Actually, he's no stranger to slipping...

Now let's take it cross continental. Here's Vick Ballard trying to show off his sprint skills at a draft camp. He was just a little bit too keen, though. Don't worry, he still managed to get drafted!

Follow the ref on the far right – who doesn't love laughing at referees? No one.

Is it even funner to laugh at sports presenters than referees though?

Back to soccer, and this one is even more humiliating than Stevey's blunder. Chelsea's John Terry could have won the UEFA Champions League by putting away a simple penalty. It's always easier than it sounds though.

Haters gonna hate, but we applaud Lil Wayne for taking up skateboarding in his thirties. No pain, no gain. It's Weezy F baby and the F is for falling down all the time.

Ain't nothing funny bout babes falling over, so future cheerleaders, learn from this lady's mistake. Or was it the dude holding her to blame?

This video takes the cake for raw slip-up abundance. A pre-season game between the Raptors and Bucks had to be called off because the floor was too slippery – look at the ballers sliding around and pretending not to enjoy it...

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