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05 Dec 2006

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SF#9 + Swap Meet Pics


Lucky winner #1 - THREE STRIPES

Lucky winner #2 - BRONNY

The prize...

The weather forecast said it was gonna be a rainy day and we were all expecting the worst. But when we checked the forecast again an hour before we opened the doors, seemed like the clouds had moved aside and it was gonna be a nice sunny day. And what a day it turned out to be!!!

Thanks to SF and Provider and to Puma for donating all the door prizes and little goodies that were given away that afternoon. I think more than a few heads walked away with some gems. Not to mention the two winners of the MTV YO! Clydes, with both winners actually winning their correct size!!! If that’s not enough of an indication that it was more than a rocking day, then here are the pictures to prove it. ENJOY!

Woody & The Pillow...

The much talked about poster

SF #9

SF AM90 Infrared pillow...???!!!

It isn't a swap meet if there isn't a BBQ.

Des & Matty!!!

The HK connection table...

Busy packing heat...

Derek & Co. - the rest of the triad members...

Mike Good AKA Dirtyfresssshhhhhh...

Sekure D's customs. Somone say YO...!!!???

Might as well complete the set...



Mongolian BBQ?

NIce kicks....bad shorts.


Mini Woody


Puma, puma & more Puma...


The infamous Yeltza back door.

05 Dec 2006

Industry News

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