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SF Playlist #3: Sneaker hits from the 00s. Waxing Lyrical 3.0

Charge up the iPod and defrag your hard drive as we unleash another Sneaker Freaker Playlist Party.

Fans of The Ultimate Sneaker Book will recognise the original source material from the 'Waxing Lyrical' retrospective written by Craig Leckie. From Kanye to Mac Miller (RIP) via Riff Raff (remember him?) and even Miley Cyrus, here's 80 minutes of hot'n'steamy sneaker references from the 2000s.

In the immortal words of Lexicon...

Everybody's got an addiction, mine is shoes
It started with my very first pair of Kangaroos
And the Ellesse, made for tennis I play none of it
But I owned 'em in brown and black suede
But that was hardly the beginnin of my obscene spendin (nah)
Savin up pennies, parental begging (what)
Even now if I only got forty bills
I'mma buy a sack of weed and go straight to Marshall's
Cause one time at Ross I found Nike Zoom Airs
Fourteen bucks (what) I bought two pair
I always do dat dere so there's no need to despair
If my kicks get ugly from some wear and tear
I know it's sick, my addiction, I'm addicted, I admit it
Like an alkie to his liquid, I ain't tryin to kick it
I predicted I'm headed only downhill from here
Cause my foot hasn't grown in the past five years
I got old shoes, new shoes, on my closet floor
In my trunk, holdin open my doors (where)
Overdue shoes, borrowed from my brother yup
Alternates, duplicates, hard to find colors (check it)
I got four pairs of Air Force Ones high and low
All in all white, one with a gum sole
Buyin Air Max Runners since they first came
Before wearin neon colors was a G thang
Remember the first ones in pink, makin eyes blink
All my clothes drab except the kicks that I drag
And my top five fades all got, orange on 'em
From old Air (?) to the new Airmada
Lava Domes (check) Internationalist (check)
And a bag of ankle socks, do you accept checks?
(No not for you Mr. Fury not at Sporty L.A
Your account's made of rubber find another way to pay)
That's when I go on the internet
To the Japanese sites, where I can't read a word of it
But the pictures taunt, tell me to max out my Mastercard
Deal with it later these shoes are hard
Said the same thing for my Wallabees, Timberlands (shit)
I even got Cortez to match my Pendletons
I got a problem, and I need salvation
So at this time I'm accepting donations
Cash is fine, or anything in size nine
But please don't send no Jordans
Send 'em to someone else - I'm not the only, one on this Earth
Who will buy food second but a pair of shoes first
Oak's a Nikehead (yo) and my man Double-O
Whose got more Air Force Ones than anyone I know
I mean I even got my girl into obscure kicks
If it ain't in my size then a boy size six
So if you wonder why I'm broke (why) or my bank account's dead
A - I'm underground, B - I'm a Nikehead

We couldn't have said it better if we tried!

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