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SF Playlists #32 and #33: Highs And Lows’ Two Playlists are Twice as Nice

Double trouble is an understatement when describing the next two Sneaker Freaker Playlist submissions.

Western Australia’s own Highs And Lows store has taken over the Sneaker Freaker Spotify with dual Side A and Side B playlists! If these are the tunes that are blasting in the shop on the regular, then we can imagine the vibe must be on a whole other level.

The Aussie retailers taste shines through across both compilations. Side A is absolutely stacked with OG bars from Nas to GZA. And, you know they’re all about the jazz life, because back in May they dropped Penny Loafers inspired by the great Davis and Ellington! Meanwhile, Side B is just as crammed, busting out some Big L, taking a trip to Shaolin with Wu-Tang, and you know their ‘Bout It, Bout It’ with The Diplomats feature. The Shuffle button is right there, you won,t regret hitting it.

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