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SF Playlist #43: Electronic Music Legend Denis Horvat Curates an SF Playlist

Sneaker Freaker Spotify

If there’s a batch of bangers that you need to be listening to, it is definitely this recently curated Sneaker Freaker Playlist​.

Denis Horvat is an electronic music legend, and he’s been in the game for over a decade. Horvat has produced techno bangers that we’re sure have rocked many underground raves over the years, and we recently tapped him to curate a short and sharp playlist selection for us.

Horvat explained this playlist as ‘easy vibrations, low key moments, and feel good vibes’, so you’d better prepare to vibe out before you take a listen. Thirteen songs for a total play time of one hour and seven minutes, it’s crisp and to the point, with no mucking around.

Starting us all off is Al Pagoda’s chill track dubbed ‘Black’, next up is a slightly different flavour but on a similar wave length, it’s Bicep’s upbeat ‘Apricots’ song. TOM And His Computer share some melodic lyrics while sitting next to psychedelic rock group Jefferson Airplane. Jacob Korn, The Prodigy, and Applescal provide us with something a little harder, while ‘Or Stay Alive’ gets us feeling funky! Completing the playlist vibe is Gabe Gurnsey’s Factory Floor Remix of ‘White Light’.

There will be no regrets when you hit that shuffle button.

Don’t forget to follow Sneaker Freaker on Spotify. We’ll be releasing new playlists each week, with some very special sneaker guests picking the platters that matter in their world. Enjoy!

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