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SF Playlist #38: MONOX Presents that OG Rap Goodness

Sneaker Freaker Spotify

Get your gangster on with this OG rap Sneaker Freaker Playlist​.

Our retailer homie out in Germany, MONOX, are serious about two things: their sneakers and their hip hop. So, they've hit our Spotify with a playlist for the real Gs, and we're psyched listening to what they've put together.

Consisting of thirty songs, going for almost two hours, it’s wall-to-wall with some of the greatest hip hop ever recorded! Staring it all off is an absolute classic from The Notorious B.I.G., ‘Notorious Thugs’. Did you know that when Biggie recorded the track, he demanded everyone leave the studio just so he could concentrate? One of GOATs.

Continuing on, MONOX sprinkled in some of the best songs from Drizzy, such as ‘Can’t Have Everything’ and ‘Laugh Now Cry Later’. Additionally, 50 Cent’s 'Wanksta' also makes an appearance, with German rapper KC Rebell providing a fitting conclusion.

Hit that play button, you won't regret it.

Dont forget to follow Sneaker Freaker on Spotify. Well be releasing new playlists each week, with some very special sneaker guests picking the platters that matter in their world. Enjoy!

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