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SF Playlist #14: Acribik Flex their Eclectic Musical Taste!

If you’ve got time to kill you’re in luck because we’ve got another Sneaker Freaker Playlist party for your listening pleasure.

The German sneaker sultans at Acribik have shared a snake charming playlist that’ll hypnotise the pants off a King Cobra! Crank the volume up to 11 and take a melodic meander with Mauve, have ‘Sex On The Beach’ with DJ Assault, then rock out with Nirvana before Rancid set off a ‘Time Bomb’. There’s over two hours of venomous tunes in one tight package!

And don’t forget to follow Sneaker Freaker on Spotify. We’ll be releasing new playlists each week, with some very special sneaker guests picking the platters that matter in their world. Enjoy!

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