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SF Playlist #13: Are You Feeling Lucky?

You might get lucky and stumble upon your new favourite song with this Sneaker Freaker Playlist.

Following on from some Vio-Tech-No bass boomers and chill vibes with the Air More Downtempo, we decided to switch it up for playlist number lucky 13. Ask yourself: do you feel lucky? Because when that shuffle button has been hit, the first song that plays will dictate how lucky you are. If it's about luck, then you’ll receive good fortune. Got one that's about bad luck? Well, then you’ll be cursed for eternity!

Do you feel lucky, punk?

Don’t forget to follow Sneaker Freaker on Spotify. We’ll be releasing new playlists each week, with some very special sneaker guests picking the platters that matter in their world. Enjoy!

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