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Sf Issue 29 Pump Fury Anniversary
Sf Issue 29 Pump Fury

SF Issue 29 Reveals Anniversary Pump Fury Range

Looking back over the past thirty years of sneaker history, it’s apparent that the most-loved designs are often misappropriated performance pieces. When the Pump Fury launched in 1994, it was little more than an inflatable skeleton tacked on to a minimalist sole unit. This is a shoe so modern and insanely bananas that even the weight of a pair of laces was deemed excessive. A trademark colourway is always a clincher for cult classicism and for the Pump Fury, red and citron yellow is one combo that Reebok righteously own. Jackie Chan got his mitts on his own make-up, with must-have collector status at import prices even more ludicrous than the model’s initial heavy retail tag. The 2003 colab with Chanel in a utilitarian all-grey combo was another high-fashion highpoint for this sci-fi model. Nearly 20 years later, the Pump Fury is still one of the most challenging and groundbreaking footwear designs. It’s a testament to the Fury’s unique style that it simply refuses to age.

In honour of this enduring iconoclast, Reebok have teamed up with the cream of the world's independent sneaker boutiques to present their individual take on the Pump Fury. From polka dots to camo to flowery wall paper to woollen knitwear, this is a chance for maximum flex and bumper creativity. We hustled pairs of the colab class of 2014 and present the exclusive pictures for the first time in Issue 29. Order the mag HERE so you can bask in all the freshness.

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