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SF Interview With Lil B The Based God

By Bones Lawley

It is a most rare opportunity to talk to a true deity, even though the Dalai Lama tours harder than Public Enemy, so Sneaker Freaker had to jump on the chance to speak with the Based God, Lil B. It's true pimpin' ain't easy, but leading your own religion with thousands of online disciples is even harder, making it truly historic that the rawest rapper alive is coming to Australia next week for a string of shows that promise to be better than the bible. Please enjoy the following transcript of our time with this most special and gifted immortal...

SF:What’s good, B? You’ll be out in Australia really soon, what do you think the highlights of your trip will be apart from the shows?
Lil B: I’m looking forward to all the beautiful things out there, all the weird bugs there. Yeah. It’s going to be very rare and legendary.

Werd berd. Your first big song with your group The Pack has a chorus that goes, ‘Got my Vans on but they look like sneakers’. If Vans aren’t sneakers, what are they and what constitutes a sneaker?
Yeah. It’s based. It’s so based. That’s just Lil B. Tell Vans what’s up.

I will. Are you still wearing Vans?
Yeah, I've still got the Based God shoes. They’re just shoes, but they’re not shoes, you know. Any type of shoes I wear will become amazing and special, not regular.

I heard you would buy new sneakers when you made a million dollars, is that true?

How have you not made a million dollars yet?
I turned down a lot of money. I got a lot of integrity.

What pair of sneakers will you buy when you do?
Not too sure. I’ll buy a stack of shoes maybe. Do you know any rappers who have got a lot?

Young Jeezy claims to have like 9000 pairs.
What? 9000 pairs? Damn! I gotta step up. Hold up. (Answers other phone call)

Yeah, yeah, I gotta get back to this little interview with New Zealand. I’ll call you back.

Sorry about that. That was Young L from The Pack, he wants us to get up on this Forbes list.

No worries, but we’re from Australia not New Zealand.
Ahhh damn! I don’t wanna get knocked out by my Australian brothers. I’m sorry. I got you, I fuck with you guys.

Don’t worry we’re a peaceful, based people.
Haha, beautiful.

What sneakers do you like, what was the first pair you bought.
Ah, I’m thinking way back. I think it was a FILA – super rare.  I like what I like, I don’t have a go-to brand. I wear some Shaqs, I wear some no names. Catch a rare photo of me and maybe you’ll see my style. I just go hard.

What is the most complicated dish to prepare through the cooking dance?

It's true. My favourite to make is probably spaghetti bolognese, because of the many steps involved. I press my own pasta.
Ha! You read my mind. I was gonna say spaghetti bolognese, that’s what I was gonna say. Damn.

What is an organised religion you consider to be closest to Based World ideologically?
I don’t know if any is. I couldn’t tell you. Nothing matches the Based World positivity. The religion that puts people first maybe. Which one is that? There isn’t one, except Based World.

What happened to the rock album? Do you feel like you mastered rock music after 'California Boy' and didn't need to make any more rock songs?

Who's your favourite rock band?
Axl Rose. He’s not a rock band but yeah. Lenny Kravitz too. I could take you psychedelic, like The Mars Volta but the people ain’t ready.

You gotta make them ready.
Yeah, that’s right.

Are you related to Paul McCartney?
You never know. I think I got some bloodlines there. My mama used to say he was into some darker girls back then. Mick Jagger, he’s the man too.

Have you reached out to David Banner to let him know he can show his face again even though you mutilated him on his own beat and reclaimed swag?

Will you play ‘I Own Swag’ when you come Down Under?
Hell yeah!

Thank you Based God.
I love you. Remember that.

I love you too Based God.

Lil B will be in Australia next week performing live on the following dates...

Thursday 13 June – The Hi-Fi, Melbourne
Friday 14 June – Coniston Lane, Brisbane
Saturday 15 June – The Standard, Sydney
Sunday 16 June – The Bakery, Perth

Pics via Prefix Mag, The Fader and NYU Local.

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