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SF Flashback: OG Blaze Of Glory Film Unearthed

Thumb Puma Og VideoThumb Puma Og Video
Puma Og Video

A big-ass truck offloaded a swag of our fresh sharky shoes this morning – we're looking at 'em in our office right now – and we're excited about kissing them and then letting 'em loose into a sea of sneakerheads tomorrow. To make the time until the 9am launch of the SF x Puma Blaze of Glory bring-back pass a little faster, we've uploaded this promo clip for you to watch on repeat. We made it way back in 2008 for the OG release of the colab, but it stayed on the cutting room floor, but watching it now we're convinced it has aged with time like a fine wine and is worthy of your eyeballs. Watch it below...

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