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Sekure D Customs Sale


Renowned custom sneaker artist Sekure D is clearing the decks to make room for some new mindbending projects. This means that for a limited time you can score a pair of genuine Sekure D originals for up to 50% off! Sale on from June 18 to June 25 - head over to the official Sekure D website for more.

From SekureD.com:
The times are changing around here and the robots are insisting we clear house to make room for new products and projects so that’s exactly what I am going to do. As a thank you for the support over the last year we want this sale to be an opportunity for everyone to pick up a steal so prices on some one of a kind or last of the run customs have been crushed down like never before.

This sale provides a unique opportunity to pick up a pair of hand painted custom sneakers for up to 50% off, who needs limited edition sneakers what you can have a one of a kind right?

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