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Phibs Piece 1
Mafia Debs 1
Decibel Reader 1
Pierre Piece 2
Shannon Mc 1
Secret Wars Wall 2
,Secret Wars Bag 1
Congrats Phibs Pierre 1
Crowd 5 5
Mc Comp 1
Judges 2 1
Lala 1
Judges 1 1
Crowd 3 4
Phibs In Action 1
Alex 1 1
Secret Wars Pens 1
Ncision 1
Secret Wars Comp 1 1
,Secret Wars Camera 1
Crowd 2 6
Secret Wars Progress 2 1
Alex Hilary 2 1
Secret Wars Comp 2 1
Secret Wars Merch 1
Pierre 3 1
Phibs 1
Secret Wars Progress 4 1
Mc Secret Wars 2 1
Secret Wars Progress 1
Crowd 4 4
Secret Wars Progress 3 1
Debs Toby 1
Pierre Piece 1
Ncsision 2 1
Secret Wars Start 1

Secret Wars - Melb Heat Two

Last week it seemed all of Melbourne came out to witness heat two of our local Secret Wars battle. With Phibs and Pierre Lloga going head to head, the crowds came out in droves to show their support for our fine Aussie talent. While both artists took completely different approaches to their game, the results were both equally detailed and jaw dropping. A unanimous vote from the judges went to Lloga, while the crowd broke the walls down with their booming decibel screams for audience favourite Phibs. Pierre Lloga won the heat with a 2-1 victory, taking him forward to the semi finals, going down early next year at 1000 Pound Bend. If you still haven't been down to the monthly heats then get in quick for December's third heat with local lady Deb doing all she can to take out Ken Taylor. Hit up the Secret Wars Facebook page for more info. For more images go here.

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