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Call them 'sandshoes', call them 'sneakers'… the Volley is a true Aussie icon - the summer go-to shoe that's stood the test of time. Designed by tennis great Adrian Quist in 1939, the Volley has been reborn with a series of stylish releases set to drop in 2011. Says Volley Designer Jazz Bonifacio: "We're about to launch two premium pairs of Volleys. The premium canvas Volley O.C., which stands for 'orthopedically correct', based not he original sample we had in our archive from 1959, and the leather Volley S.S. or 'super sole' modelled on the archived print advertisement from 1965. We know there are more models out there, and we want people to send us their stories and photos to help us find them." We here at Sneaker Freaker are joining the search, sweeping the land for as many long-lost heritage Volleys as we can get our sticky fingers on. Joining us on our quest is the legendary Evonne Goolagong, who in 1971 won Wimbledon at the age of 21 wearing a pair of venerable Volleys. Keep an eye out as we help dig out more heritage Volleys from the vault over the coming year! Find out more at the Volley Facebook page.

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