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25 Oct 2017

Industry News

Sean Wotherspoon's Cautionary Tale of Reselling and Irony

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The running of a big company can be difficult. Every individual employee has their own prerogative, then there are those with whom employees are closest and have remote access to the inner workings of the machine. Thus, the occasional crack appears through which information or product can leak despite the best intentions of all involved. This is something  design comp winner is beginning to realise.

A few pairs of the Wotherspoon-designed Air Max recently popped up on a reseller Instagram account prior to official release. Pre-release product is the golden ticket that every reseller is always on the hunt for, so you’d think that Wotherspoon, owner of second-hand streetwear retailer Round Two – a guy who’s built his reputation as a large-scale reseller – would understand the ins and outs of the game. But it seems when the young entrepreneur found himself on the other side of the leak – well, everyone’s the hero of their own story. Wotherspoon went hard in the comments section, firing rage at the Swoosh, and seemingly finding it hard to comprehend that the project undertaken with Nike has grown beyond his own narrative.

We do sympathise with the dude, but often the only thing gained from whinging on the ‘gram is a falsely bright vision of the road ahead, illuminated by the bridges burning around you.

The comments have since been deleted, classic evidence of social media regret. And what’s the take away from all this? At the end of the day, it’s easy for the little guy to get lost in the domain of big business – tread lightly in the land of giants.

25 Oct 2017

Industry News

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