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03 Dec 2009

Industry News

Sbtg X Dc Project Launch

Sbtgx Dcxshoes 21
Sbtg Dc 5 Panel Hat 12
Sbtg Dc True Mid Shoe 12
Sbtg Dc Tee 2 Double 12
Sbtg Dc Boardshort 12
Sbtg Tee 1 Back 12
Sbtg Dc Mesh Suede Hat 12
Sbtg Dc Tee 2 12
Dcxsbtg Party Cats 1
Dcxsbtg Dj 1
Sbtg Greets The Crowd 1
Renee Renee With Viper At The Finalists Podium 1
Renee Renee With Nfl Star Rueben Droughns 1
Renee Renee Performance 1
5 Art Comp Finalists 1
Dcxsbtg Mark Ong Presentation 1
Dcxsbtg Winner 1
Comlaunchpartyrecap 10 1024X768 1
Dcxsbtg Mark Ong 3 1
Dcxsbtg Mark Ong Party 8 1
Dcxsbtg Mark Ong Presenting 2 1
Dcxsbtg Mark Presenting 1
Dcxsbtg Party 9 2
Dcxsbtg Party 11 1
Dcxsbtg Party 12 1
Dcxsbtg Party 13 1
Comlaunchpartyrecap 08 1024X768 1
Comlaunchpartyrecap 09 1024X768 2
Comlaunchpartyrecap 11 1024X768 1
Dcxsbtg Crazy 1
Dcxsbtg Party 3 1
Dcxsbtg Party 9 1
Dcxsbtg Party 4 1
Dcxsbtg Party 5 1
Dcxsbtg Party 6 1
Dcxsbtg Party 7 1
Mark Ong Sbtg Loaded 1
Comlaunchpartyrecap 03 1024X768 1
Comlaunchpartyrecap 12 1024X768 1
The Finalists 1
Comlaunchpartyrecap 07 1024X768 2
Dcxsbtg Mark Ong 2 1
Dcxsbtg Party 2 1
Comlaunchpartyrecap 07 1024X768 1
Dc X Loaded 1


On Wednesday, November 11th DC joined forces with lifestyle retail partner, Loaded in Auckland, New Zealand for the first of a series of launch events for the DC x RoyaleFam Double Label Collection. Held at the historic Victoria Park Markets in downtown Auckland, more than 250 media, industry, and local trendsetters came out to celebrate the launch. Inspired by the Singaporean skateboard crew the “Circus of Mutants,” the first release, designed by SBTG, features a custom True Mid sneaker, two caps, two tees, and a board short with the design celebrating “The Fly,” aka Lucas Ng, who was one of the early pioneers in Singapore skateboarding.

The venue stayed true to the theme with giant rubber flies suspended from the ceiling, and Fly artwork decorating the brightly colored rooms in Auckland’s historic venue. The evening also played host to an art competition with 20 local artists submitting their work on blank Plan B skateboard decks. The winner of the art contest, Mr. Graham Grouch, took away a hand customized pair of SBTG x DC shoes, and was presented with a check for NZ $1,000.

In attendance for the night was RoyaleFam’s founder Mark Ong (aka SBTG) along with DC’s Renee Renee who performed three songs off his album “White Heat.” The night also featured a performance from local DJ’s the Sweet Mix Kids. Beverages came courtesy of Tiger Beer and Monster Energy Drink, with catering provided by Wagamamma’s.

The event returns to Asia in January 2010 with stops in Japan, Taiwan and the Philippines before concluding in Singapore, the home country of both SBTG and Lucas Ng.  Further photographs, video and event details will be posted at   over coming weeks. The DC x RoyaleFam Double Label™ Collection will be available January 2010.

DC would like to thank Loaded, SBTG, Renee Renee, Tiger Beer, Monster and Wagamamma’s for an amazing start to the “Circus of Mutant’s” tour.

03 Dec 2009

Industry News

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