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26 Sep 2009


Sbtg Varsity Bones Preview

Thriller Tease 1 1Thriller Tease 1 1
Brmc Teaser 3 1
Brmc Teaser 9 1
Brmc Teaser 10 1
Brmc Teaser 1
Brmc Teaser 11 1
Brmc Teasersss 1
Black Mumba Teaser 14 2
Black Mumba Teaser 11 1
Black Mumba Teaser 10 1
Black Mumba Teaser 5 1

Famed sneaker customiser SBTG continues on with his Varsity Bones endeavour to bang out three new kicks all answering the age-old question ‘what if'. We'll leave it to the fellas at Royalefam to explain the reasoning behind each shoe, so flick through the crispy pics and check out the press release below for full details. Dropping October!


A taste of things to come..
Presenting the fall line-up for 2009.. based on the theme of Varsity Bones, SBTG's indulgence of the 'What if..'
Release dates to be announced.

1. The Thriller
What if that famous red leather jacket were a shoe?
The answer might involve a lot of cut and sew with studs, clean lines for a look of luxury, geometric shapes, jacket collar flaps, quilted satin, and a zipper baseline for punch.

2. B.R.M.C

What do hellions, hooligans and other outlaws have in common?

Souped-up Cruisers, biker jackets, customized leather, and classic motorcycle culture. The look of Black Rebel Motorpsycho Club consists of locks and chains, denim rivets, gang patches,  zippers,quilted linings, and animal fur.

3. Blue Devil
Continuing the legacy of Black Mamba, the 1- off sneaker specially made for MVP Kobe Bryant himself.

Produced in a way that pays homage to the 1985 style of color blocking sneakers. Blue Devil features stealth rival camo and black panther print on the rear.
This low top version will be made in home and away versions.

26 Sep 2009


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