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Salomon Developing Completely Recyclable Sneakers

Salomon Recycled Tpu ConceptSalomon Recycled Tpu Concept
Salomon Recycled Tpu Sneaker

Techy footwear brand are doing more than just giving trail runners and urban dwellers flashy new kicks. They are also working towards minimising their , by introducing a new 100 per cent recycled sneaker concept.

By making shoes from only thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), the ‘purity’ of the material is preserved, allowing it to be easily ground down and remade into other items. In Salomon’s preliminary stages, the recycled TPU can be blended with new TPU to construct ski boot shells, for example.

Also, because there is only one material present that can be formed into different shapes and parts, there is no need for potentially toxic and/or harmful adhesives.

It’s an exciting development that could potentially change the way the footwear and manufacturing industry operates. Keep an eye on Salomon in 2021, when they should roll out their earliest designs.

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