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Conman Adele Managers Sneakers

Rolling In Deep Trouble: Sneaker-Stealing Con Poses As Adele's Manager

Crims can get pretty damn creative, we’ll give ‘em that. South Floridian Justin Jackson was arrested in May for posing as Adele’s manager to swindle free stuff from celebrities. He’s also tried his luck –and served time for – posing as Lionel Messi’s manager, Oprah's nephew, and a rep for Madonna, among others. His free stuff of choice this time round? Sneakers.

Charged with identity theft and a swag of other felonies, Jackson managed to sneak sneaks from NBA stars Richard Hamilton, Paul George and Victor Oladipo. It was attempting to scam his way to free tickets to Kendrick Lamar’s Rolling Loud festival that saw the conman issued instead with two tickets – for him and wife – to the slammer.

Yes, we all want free sneakers, but we’ll just stick to comps and giveaways and steer clear of tactics likely to land us in jumpsuits we can’t wear our kicks with.

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