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Roger Federer Vs Nsw Vs 41 1
Roger Federer Vs Nsw Vs 41 1
Roger Federer Vs Nsw Vs 41 1

Roger Federer Vs Nsw Vs +41

Nike Sportswear along with artist collective +41 raise a toast to the man of the hour, the unstoppable Roger Federer with a series of installations and apparel that combine and utlise the magic and magnificence of the tennis champs career and life. Although the official launch was over a month ago, the momentous occasion was over shadowed by another event that all but took the limelight from anyone and everyone, the Beijing Olympics. Coinciding with Federer's birthday 08.08.08 and his less than suprising lucky number 8, Nike and +41 have twisted the numerical idea into icons which make up the +41 installation.

As +41 states 'we started this project with the idea that Roger Federer is a kind of magician. He has showed and proved to us all how talented he is. His name is already historical and it is well known that this amazing tennis palyer is more than just a great sportsman. We had the confirmation by meeting him and Mirka in Wimbeldon this year. So we based our concept and esthetic around Magic and Infinity, researching and collecting on symbolism, magic, infinity and esoterism. We came out with a minimalistic modern magical language and developped a series of logos representing ten of the most defining moments in Roger’s life.  The goal was to make them expressive and scheming at the same time, acting like a kindred of mysterious symbols.

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