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Sekure D Robots Humans Exhibition 1
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Robots > Humans By Sekure D

Hogan Gallery is proud to present the third solo exhibition by artist and custom master Sekure D. Robots > Humans will feature new canvasses, custom sneakers plus the worldwide debut of Sekure D’s brand new collaboration.

Dates: June 1 - June 15 Opening Night: June 4th @ 6pm

"The year is 2322 and the robots, no longer reliant on their solar heart panels have taken over the world, exterminating all but a few humans whom are kept for research and as pets. After a century spent completing their foremost objective they are now left, bereft of meaning; a regrettable shortcoming of Artificial Intelligence. Seeking something greater ‘Codename Unknown’ and the rest of the Robotic Allegiance have turned to the daily activities of humans in conjunction with bubble mining to maintain their energy levels and fulfill their needs.,"

HOGAN GALLERY: 310 Smith Street Collingwood, Melbourne

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