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Rick Ross Buys Massive Georgia Mansion

Thumb Rick Ross
Rick Ross Buys Georgia Mansion
Rick Ross Buys Georgia Mansion 1
Rick Ross Buys Georgia Mansion 2

Buying repossessed mansions off broke ex-boxers is now a rap game tradition, with Rick Ross the latest cashing in on a bank-claimed heavyweight's house. He's about to enjoy the decadent spoils of the gargantuan Georgia property that Evander Holyfield couldn't afford to pay for anymore. Ricky Rozay brought the 109 room shack for an undisclosed sum, but what has been disclosed are the upkeep costs – Evander reckons he spent a milli on it every year, easy. Richard Rosswald claims to have 'money on another level' and he's gonna have to keep it there for a long time if he wants to stay in this pad. It's apparently got the biggest swimming pool in the USA, with 350,000 gallons of water, plus an indoor pool, a basketball court, bowling alley, 135 seat movie theatre, baseball field and dining room for a hundred people. Ross' new album 'Mastermind' will have to shift a lot of units if he wants to get on his Gatsby grind at throw some mad parties at this place. Watch a video with Rozay talking about the new place below, via Revolt.

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