Rick Owens Calls It Quits With Adidas
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It's Over: Rick Owens Calls It Quits With adidas

Rick Owens and adidas' upcoming Fall/Winter 17 collaborative collection will be their last. After four years conjuring up some of the most creative footwear on the market, the enigmatic designer has ended his partnership with adidas.

While the announcement certainly comes as a surprise, what's even more surprising is the fact that the collaboration lasted as long as it did: it was originally a single-season arrangement. In a statement released by Owenscorp, a representative spoke positively about the decision, describing it as 'a natural conclusion' for the collaboration, assuring that both Owens and adidas 'continue to hold each other in the highest regard,' and reiterating the collaboration had been a 'great success' for both parties.

Just because Owens' collaboration with adidas is over, that doesn't mean he's taking a break from footwear. Far from it – the designer already has a Spring/Summer 18 collection on the way in collaboration with American brand Hood Rubber. Fingers crossed his future designs live up to those he created with the Three Stripes. Scroll through the gallery above to see some of Owens' most iconic creations.


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