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Riccardo Tisci Laces Up New Burberry Sneaker for FW22

Burberry Lace Sneaker Pre-Fall/Winter 2022

Luxury fashion labels have encroached on the sneaker space for decades, and in recent years it feels like the biggest houses are engaged in a constant back and forth of extravagance. Burberry, who have been under the creative direction of Riccardo Tisci since 2018, step back into the over-the-top arena with a new design revealed at the brand’s pre-fall/winter 2022 showing. It’s easy to see why ‘wild’ is an apt descriptor.

There are a lot of shoelaces tying up this still-unknown model. Given the exaggerated nature of fashion sneakers, it’s no surprise that Tisci – who is one of the more well-regarded designers in the kick kingdom – takes this to the next level with a jumbled mess of rope reminiscent of the type used by the outdoors crowd. The real adventure here is trying to put these on to pop down to the shops. Jumped appearance aside, it actually looks like there only needs to be one set of laces to be tightened and knotted, which sits beneath the pile of string. The rest of the design is a pastiche of meshy tech trail shoe meets gumboot, the latter evident via the tall rubberised mudguard wrap, layered toe bumper, and what looks like a one-piece lugged sole.

Nobody else will dare try copying this design, that’s for sure.

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