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Reshoevn8r: Laundry For Your Sneakers

Sneakerheads are a discerning bunch, and as the shoe cleaning market has become more cluttered they're demanding more from products. It's not enough to just pour some detergent into a colourful plastic bottle anymore; colours running across panels is a cardinal sin, we demand liquids and implements specifically designed to clean certain materials, plus we want the process to be easier too – elbow grease be gone!

Brands are having to rise to the challenge, and new boys on the block Reshoevn8r seem to be on top of the issues that matter most to footwear fiends. That's apparent by the success of their top selling Complete Sneaker Laundry System that includes everything you need to give your kicks a bubble bath, as well as the 3 Brush Kit offering, which is loaded with suede, sole and all-purpose brushes. We've tested the goods and can report it does the job very well – it brought back to life a couple of pairs of music festival-massacred Js we'd long given up on and refreshed a number of Air Max we lent out to Nike for their Air Max Day display last month.

Their range also includes a bunch of other cleaning gadgets that are worth a look, and a t-shirt range that includes a tee emblazoned with, 'Shoes speak louder than words'. That right there is the axiom of the modern sneaker game – fresh kicks can win you new friends just as easily as they can start real fights!

You can shop Reshoevn8r's cleaning and apparel range right here.

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