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Resellers Ignore Ts and Cs, Make Thousands on KAWS AJ4s

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In a move no one saw coming, resellers gave a grand total of zero shits about terms and conditions and flipped the release for bulk profit.

The release’s ‘Lottery Terms’, that KAWS' black Air Jordan 4s must only be bought for 'personal use.'

Purchase for Personal Use Only
You may purchase products only for personal use and not for resale. By placing your order, you certify that you are purchasing products for personal use only and not for resale. We reserve the right to refuse orders for any reason without explanation.

However, the release isn’t even a week behind us and we’re seeing the shoes change hands on eBay and StockX for thousands of dollars. On eBay, the shoe has sold steadily for upwards of $1000 USD with a couple reaching the $1400 mark, while one StockX reseller’s disregard for KAWS request pocketed him $3000.

People were always going to cash in on this release. Seriously, some are willing to throw hands and commit felonies for NMDs, and riot in the streets for 'Pigeon' Dunks! A mere ‘please don’t sell these’ was never going to hold weight. What we’re not sure of, though, is whether KAWS will enforce the terms. And how? When blockbuster films are distributed ahead of release, the files are imprinted with an anti-piracy code — an invisible, digital watermark — so that studios can take those who leak the movie to the cleaners. If KAWS had a similar kind of contingency plan, resellers could be about to pay dearly for cashing in.

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