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Reebok Owns Trump For Sexist Comment

Shocker of the day: Donald Trump has been caught acting less than presidential. Refreshingly, Reebok have let him have it. While in France for Bastille day, The Don met with French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte. So far, so good. But Trump is Trump, and so, upon meeting a woman, he obviously had to let Madame Macron know what he thought of her body.

A camera caught the exchange, in which Trump tells France's First Lady, ‘You’re in such good shape.’ He then turns to Mr Macron, obviously chuffed with how charming he feels, to emphasise his observation: ‘She’s in such good physical shape.’

It’s deeply disturbing that the most powerful man in the world can't wrap his head around not objectifying women. (Thank you, Reebok, for putting a little bit of distance between us and the scarily believable world of The Handmaid’s Tale – for now, at least.)

The brand posted an image on Twitter to educate on appropriate conduct. The tweet poses a variety of situations in which it is not OK to say ‘You’re in such good shape… Beautiful’. Options include when meeting your mother-in-law or sharing an elevator with someone. But the clincher dig is the one in the top middle: ‘Are you a world leader greeting the spouse of a head of state?’ it asks. If so, no dice.

So when can we utter the phrase? According to Reebok, it's only OK to say when you’re dusting off an action figure you haven’t seen since your youth. We'd supplant ‘action figure’ with ‘sneakers’, but other than that, we think Reebok nailed it.

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