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Reebok Is Growing Sneakers Out Of Plants

Reebok Growing Sneakers Cotton Corn 1Reebok Growing Sneakers Cotton Corn 1

Yep, you read that correctly – has started growing their sneakers from actual, sprout-from-the-soil plants! Taking it a few steps further than simply using cotton, the ‘Bok have launched ‘Cotton + Corn’ – an initiative that will make sneakers 100 percent organic. The eco-friendly project has been made possible by shirking petroleum-based products in favour of propanediol, an organic-based compound. The non-toxic substance is derived from corn, and is what Reebok are planning to use for the sole unit of their new sneaker. The uppers will be made from organic cotton, rounding out a product Reebok say will sacrifice neither style nor performance.

Biodegradable sneakers are a genius way to remove millions of pairs from landfills, and might even mark up a win for the #WearYourSneakers movement – because stocking these ‘Boks for too long will likely turn your closet into a compost.

Reebok haven’t announced a release date for the sneaker just yet, we’ll update you when they do.

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