Reebok Question Low FX4999 Lateral
Reebok Question Low FX4999 Front Angle
Reebok Question Low FX4999 Rear Angle
Reebok Question Low FX4999 Top
Reebok Question Low FX4999 Sole

Reebok Chop the Question

Question: why doesn’t Reebok do more Question Lows? For what it's worth, they’re a bit easier to wear than the Mid version. They’re also a bit breezier on the ankles for when the temperature rises. Anyways, here’s a clean colourway that’s hitting soon.

On a predominately white leather and mesh base upper, hits of patent cover the contrast toe panel, lace loops, heel tab, and embroidered vector logos. Meanwhile, ice soles add a cool touch and period-correct nod. It’s all looking very Jordan 11-ish, but it’s not surprising, given both shoes were out at the same time.

No release details yet, so enjoy the snaps for the time being.

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