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Red Yeezy 2 Confirmed For 2013 Release

A little while back, Kanye West's nearly-baby-mama's Instagram pic of a compact disc labelled 'Yeezus' made world news because it hinted at a June 18 release date for a new album. But for sneakerheads there was a very big red elephant in the room, lurking in the background was the bottom half of an all-red Yeezy 2, the long suspected third colourway of the much-hyped 2012 release. We never really knew if this was going to get a public release or was merely a RE (Rapper Edition), but now we have confirmation that it will reach retail. ,Heidi Burgett, a PR director at Nike today hosed down speculation the Yeezy would drop in concert with the album on June 18 (or June 16) but would come out later this year. We'll keep you updated on this release as reliable info streams in. What do you think, will this Yeezy demand store lottery systems and command a massive resale price like its predecessors?

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