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Red Yeezy 2 For Sale $16 Million

16Mill Yeezy
E Bay Yeezy Auction
Kanye West Yeezy 2 Nike Red October Main

OK, we haven't moved on just yet! The and sold out in minutes, of course, and now some excitable purchasers have already taken to the Bay before even receiving the shoes in the mail – that's pretty standard practice for sneaker flippers these days, though. It looks like bidders have had a bit of fun with the auction too (we've got a feeling a few faux accounts are at play), and the auction has rocketed up north of US$16 million. We really, really hope eBay sends the debt collectors in to collect the money from the joker who ends up being the successful bidder. We haven't seen a bid since it hit the magic mark of 10 million British pounds, so we think it's reached its reasonable bid threshold, or eBay has personally intervened. Let's hope it reopens soon, because as if you're not serious about selling 20 of your houses for a pair of shoes.

You can keep tabs on the auction before making a late charge with your millions here.

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