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Quarters Boutique Launch Nz 21
Quarters Boutique Launch Nz 21
Quarters Boutique Launch Nz 21

Quarters Boutique Launch - Nz

Keeping things on the lo-lo is virtually impossible in our day and age, so it was with a massive shock that we were sent images of a new store and launch party that was so hush hush, even the guests didn't know what was happening. New Zealand's newest and possibly 'schmickest' store, Qubic, bowled everyone over with CIA like trips to Hong Kong and Japan gaining knowledge along with accounts to stock out their new store Quarters Boutique. Without so much as taking a quick walk upstairs from Qubic, Quarters Boutique literally is the high-end of what Qubic has offered in the past. We got the lowdown from Frank Liew, Qubic's daddy, along with exclusive pics of the store and launch party.

An over excited Frank states, 'Well, we finally did it!! And without Ivy pulling out her (and my) hair. Here's our brand new spot, our newest baby, Quarters Boutique, which we have finally opened. After three months of secret squirrelling, numerous trips to Japan and Hong Kong, one month of solid demolition and construction, we're there.

We announced the launch of the store in a massive surprise announcement at our equally massive Harajuku themed party (pictures below), in front of hundreds of people who came to party it out with us. It was insane, people looked like stunned mullets and when we led them to the new spot (literally upstairs from Qubic Store) they flipped out. Quarters differs to Qubic in that it only stocks exclusive and hard to find high-end Japanese & global labels. The aim of the place was once again to give people access to some of the best top-shelf product in the world without having to result to the grips of resellers, and for us to create this space that represented who we were without having to conform to the mainstream market. That, and this space will finally establish a solid link between New Zealand and influences in the global market. We officially opened on Sunday 27th July.' Peep the images from the launch party below and scroll to the end to find more shop info and labels carried.

Brands stocked at Quarters are



EXCURSION (HeadPorterPlus/Fragment X Burton) (Japan)


UNIFORM EXPERIMENT (Fragment X Sophnet) (Japan)



Check out our store guide here to get more information.

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