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Puzle has Finally Released the Definitive Melbourne Graff Book

The intensely private artist known as Puzle – a legendary OG of the Melbourne blockbuster and burner scene – has finally self-published an epic retrospective. Titled Running Wild, the beautifully written and assembled 200+ pages document his journey from suburban lad to his ‘full time job’ painting and decorating Melbourne’s long-gone silver Hitachi trains. Hundreds of 35mm colour point-and-shoot images and ‘Blue Harris’ anecdotes from the brutal Dandy and Hursty lines in the late 80s and early 90s will still burn deep if you were there at the time.

Close to 30 years since he gave up the cans, don’t expect Puzle to totally recant, but a few traces of reflection will make you wonder whether all that sneaking around at night trying to stay one step ahead of the Transits was worth it. Hell yeah! (Obviously) Hitting 100 trains in just a few years and retiring with a well earned rep and no priors was wise career advice that many of his hardcore contemporaries refused to contemplate. Check out this video from the early 90s that references the 3174 gang and other notorious Melbourne crews from that era.

These days Melbourne is globally recognised for its thriving (and highly commercially optimised) street art scene, especially the tourist mecca that is Hosier Lane, but Running Wild is a raw reminder of where the seeds for that scene were sown. We doff our caps to Puzle!

For more info and to buy a copy hit up

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