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23 Aug 2010

Industry News

PUMA X Bumsuk Choi

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Showing that adi isn’t the only brand to corner the high fashion game, Puma has teamed up with trailblazing South Korean designer Bumsu Choi and his General Ideal label to produce a capsule collection featuring a pair of Disc Blaze joggers and some natty hoodies with a bold scribbly scrawl design. If you're in Asia these will be hitting selected accounts early September.

From the press release:
Born into poverty in a rural area of Seoul, Bumsuk Choi was never given the opportunity to enjoy proper design education unlike many others. He began to learn about fashion from scratch by selling textiles at a wholesale shopping district in Seoul.

He started building his dream to become a designer after witnessing by chance the 2003 Paris Collection and in October 2003, he launched his luxury menswear label, General Idea. The concept behind General Idea is a mix of avant-garde design with a touch of street design, yet each piece still remains extremely wearable.

Today, he enjoys his fame as one of the top names in Korean fashion. He not only became the youngest designer who ever joined the Seoul Collection in 2004 but also became the first Korean menswear designer to show at New York Fashion week in 2009.

Since the start of General Idea, Bumsuk joined various collaboration projects with numerous companies. In 2006, He designed the Mild Seven Renault F1 Team’s Formula Racing Car. He then went on to design the packaging and uniforms for Heineken that was distributed throughout Korea. Another impressive collaboration was the design work he did for Absolute Vodka’s bottle in 2007.

A long time partner of PUMA, Bumsuk often uses PUMA sneakers during his collection both in Seoul and overseas. In 2009, Puma signed a contract with General Idea to design a limited edition collection for PUMA Archive, which is to be carried throughout Asia.

Bumsuk’s antenna is faced toward the young trendsetters around the world. He visits clubs to read the latest trend keywords and watches classic movies to learn from past trends. His passion for music is also displayed through his favorite pastime - DJ-ing, which he took up a few years ago.

23 Aug 2010

Industry News

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