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23 Feb 2010

Industry News

PUMA Suede - Suede Road

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Puma celebrate 40 years of the Suede with a new campaign called Suede Road. Linking genres of music affiliated with this sneaker, Suede Road takes us on a journey to where it all began. Puma will release six new colourways to correspond with the musical stylings of hip hop, acid jazz, punk rock, skate grunge, reggae dub and britpop along with a host of in-store concerts with mini fanzines covering the events. Check the press release below for more details.


The Suede has travelled a long road over the past 40 years. Since its birth in the late ‘60s, the Suede has roamed the world, finding a welcome in cultures as diverse as punk, hip-hop and acid jazz. PUMA is re-visiting a few of the musical stops along the Suede Road in order to celebrate the Spring release of the Suede re-issue in 6 new colorways. For the launch, PUMA has organized a series of six in-store concerts, launched a new blog and will publish six limited edition mini-fanzines. Each of the six colorways is a tribute to a single music genre out the following genres: hip hop, acid jazz, punk rock, skate grunge, reggae dub and britpop. Like the Silk Road connecting China to Europe hundreds of years ago, the Suede Road connects musical styles of the past into a winding highway of cultural transmission and creation.

To honour the musical history of the Suede in a truly musical way, PUMA will organize 6 in-store concerts with contemporary artists. The first three concerts will be:

Date  Shop  Artists
27 February   Seventyfive. Nieuwe Hoogstraat, Amsterdam  DRET & KRULLE  (Hip hop)
6  March   Avenue. Antwerpen  JTOTHEC (Acid Jazz)
13 March  Re-Issue. Tilburg  PACESHIFTERS (Punk)

All the latest information on where and when the Suede Road will come through will be online at Suede Road. Follow the Suede Road blog and explore each musical stop a little further. The site is updated on daily basis with new concert dates, old quotes and images from the early days.

The new Suedes will be sold at only 14 selected sneaker shops throughout the Netherlands and Belgium. The new colorways are divided in 2 drops, the first three (pineneedle/white, limestone grey/midnight navy and heliotrope/gold) are now available in-store, the second drop (golden cream/white, burnt orange/white and river blue/white) will be available from the 6th of March. All stores will exhibit custom displays featuring zine-style illustrations inspired by the music genres.  Also available only at sneaker stores selling the Suede are the limited edition “mini-fanzines” . These are full of interesting informational tidbits about the Suede and the musical genres it has helped to inspire.

23 Feb 2010

Industry News

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