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28 Oct 2021

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PUMA Report Strong Q3 and Even Better 2021 Results

Animal Crossing PUMA Rider

PUMA have officially released their financial results for the third quarter of 2021, confirming to date a year of continued growth and surprising resilience in the face of ongoing global issues. Aside from big dollar figures, the Big Cat brand also proved its sporting credentials and captured cultural capital these past three months.

For Q3, PUMA grew their sales by 20 per cent to approximately 1.9 billion Euros, up from 1.583 billion the same quarter last year. This contributed to the 5.038 billion Euros in sales for the year to date – a massive increase over the 3.714 billion earned in the nine-month period in 2020.

On the sporting field, PUMA equipment helped athletes earn 75 medals at the postponed Tokyo 2020 Summer Games. Of those, 25-year-old Karsten Warholm won gold in the 400 metres hurdle – after breaking a decades-old record for the event just a month prior.

PUMA also made some high-profile signings and signature sneaker debuts in Q3 2021, including LaMelo Ball’s new basketball shoe. And on the environmental front, the brand has begun rolling out a new shoebox design aimed at saving 2800 tonnes of cardboard each year.

PUMA CEO Björn Gulden, who recently expressed optimism about his company's performance, extended his pleasure to the footwear industry at large.

‘We foresee the high demand for our products to continue, but we also see supply constraints continue to be a problem for the rest of the year,’ said Gulden. ‘The outlook for our industry in general and for PUMA in particular is in my opinion very positive.’

28 Oct 2021

News Puma News

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