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Puma Presents I Am 60 1
Puma Presents I Am 60 1
Puma Presents I Am 60 1

PUMA Presents 'i Am 60'

As part of its ongoing 60th birthday celebration, PUMA® have launched the PUMA Past Masher, a web application that lets site visitors upload a personal photo and mix and match over 60 years worth of some of the best and worst styles. Site visitors can create their own vintage look with unified styles from one specific era or mash-up a variety of different styles from the '40s through to the '90s. The Past Masher features more than 225 hairstyles, tops and accessories, offering 45 million possible combinations. Relive flat-top fades and paisley blouses, acid-washed denim, track jackets and beehives or anything else in between. Some looks will confirm that not every fashion statement stands the test of time.  Notes and comments on each look can be added to the custom-designed image and those images can then be exported to Facebook and Flickr. Get crackin' now and piss ya pants at the hilarity that will no doubt ensure!

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