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Puma Archive Uncovered Pics 5
Puma Archive Uncovered Pics 5
Puma Archive Uncovered Pics 5

PUMA Archive Uncovered Pics

Forget about New Years Eve, the real party was taking place three days before with the Puma Archive Uncovered event, sponsored by The Vine, Vice Magazine, Asahi & Mercury Artisan. The first party kicked off in Melbourne at the Hi-Fi Bar & Ballroom in celebration of Puma’s new Archive range, which rewinds the clock on fashion and brings back only the best elements of Puma’s extensive catalogue. The venue played host to some of Melbourne’s finest bands such as Children Collide, Cassette Kids, Hot Little Hands, Boy + Girl plus DJ’s Tranter and Post Percy who all whipped the packed out crowd into a frenzy with their interpretive cover songs.

Each band was asked to play covers from their favourite artists (circa 1950-1990) to celebrate and tie in with the Puma Archive range. Around 1200 hipsters, scenesters, hip-hoppers and up-rockers, crammed the large venue wall-to-wall, lucky to have scored one of the hottest tickets in town. With the free drinks flowing like a tsunami of alcohol, the bar was well and truly dried out within the hour thanks to the cats at Asahi and Mercury Artisan.

An event to go down in history, there was no rest for the organisers who had to reload and rewind all over again on Jan 5th for the Sydney party. After recovering from the mind-blowing success of the Puma Archive Uncovered party in Melbourne, the Sydney kids proved that they could smash the number of partygoers, with well over 1200 cats filling out the massive Metro Theatre.

Rolling out the killer covers this time were The Hives, Children Collide, Boy + Girl and the prerequisite DJ, E.L.F. All alcohol was once again sponsored by Asahi and Mercury Artisan who left not one dry person in the whole venue. Proving that yesterday’s styles are tomorrow’s trends, the fashionistas rolled deep in Sydney with only the flyest kids rocking the Metro and celebrating the greatness that is Puma.

A massive success all round and a product of incredibly hard work, shout outs need to go to Puma, The Vine, Vice, Asahi, Mercury Artisan, Hi Fi Bar, The Metro Theatre, Hype DC, Glue and all the hard working staff. Make sure to check out the Puma Archive Range here

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