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Puma 8 Speed Mobility Bike 1
Puma 8 Speed Mobility Bike 1
Puma 8 Speed Mobility Bike 1

PUMA 8 Speed Mobility Bike

As part of Puma's new Urban Mobility pack, featuring accessories for Out of Town, Out of Work and Out of Office, the 8 speed Mobility Bike was created with the Urban city dweller in mind, with so many amazing features, its the most perfect and inexpensive (not to mention environmentally friendly) way to get yourself around your city!

"Combining style and function to bring smart transportation to urban commuters" the Puma Mobility Bike features an 8 speed internal Shimano hub, twin disc brakes for extra quick stopping, chunky mountain bike tyres, a lightweight luggage rack that will hold up to 12kgs of weight, a bmx inspired customizable race grill and a small basket to hold your ipod, mobile or blackberry.

But perhaps the best two features that Puma have designed for the bike are the semi fold design, taking out the hassle of having to get your bike onto public transport at peak times, enabling you to easily fold the bike so as not to take up any extra space (also coming in handy at the workplace, or indoors at your house). Secondly, the amazing Intergrated Wire Lock System which acts as a thief proof lock, so if the bike is stolen and riden without the wire, it will auto destruct! Coming in two colourways, the Love2Ride Puma Red and also the DarkLove (Grey), the Mobility Bike will be available from early July 2007 at any good Puma store.

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